Museum of Anthropology

William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology

Founded in 1931, the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology has three primary purposes: to acquire and maintain anthropological collections, support anthropological research, and disseminate anthropological knowledge. The extensive holdings serve to link the past, the present, and the future. The Museum is charged with several responsibilities: to serve a diverse audience, from the layperson to professionals; to preserve significant, irreplaceable objects; and to contribute to our understanding of past and present cultures, especially those of prehistoric Kentucky.


The Museum maintains a small exhibition area in the foyer of Lafferty Hall.  Exhibits are designed and fabricated by anthropology students highlighting items in the museum's collection.  Currently on display:

The Navaho  - Pictorial essay of the Navaho Reservation in 1946 taken by Life magazine photographer Leonard McCombe.


The museum encourages professionals, students, and other researches to conduct research on our extensive collections. Access to the collections for research purposes is by application. Contact the Museum Director, George Crothers, for more information.

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