Program for Archaeological Research

Welcome to the Program for Archaeological Research

The University of Kentucky's Program for Archaeological Research provides a wide range of archaeological and historical research services for public and private agencies and organizations across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and surrounding states. These services, funded by contracts and grants, include cultural resource management studies, archaeological testing and excavation, material culture analysis, historical research and interpretation, historic structures studies and documentation, and a wide variety of related technical studies. The contract investigations are most commonly conducted to comply with state or federal regulations. The PAR performs these services for federal, state, and local governmental agencies, environmental and engineering firms, and planners and developers.



The PAR offers both undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology an opportunity for practical training in the field of public archaeology or cultural resource management. The interdisciplinary nature of archaeological research projects can be observed first-hand through interaction with specialists from the fields of anthropology, geology, historic preservation, and history.

Undergraduate students may participate for credit as interns by registering (with the permission of instructor) for either ANT 399 "Field Based/Community Based Education in Anthropology" (in conjunction with the Office of Experiential Education) or for ANT 581 "Independent Work in Anthropology". In either case, students should meet with the PAR director prior to registering for a course to discuss the internship or research topic.

Graduate students can participate in the PAR for credit through ANT 691 "Cultural Resource Management Clerkship". Interested students should meet with the PAR director prior to registering.

For an introduction to Cultural Resource Management, both graduate and undergraduate students can also participate in ANT 543 "Cultural Resource Management". In addition to these more formal educational opportunities, students can also volunteer with the PAR to gain first hand experience in many phases of archaeology. Students in the Fayette County secondary schools also participate in the UK archaeology program through the Experience-Based Career Education Program, giving high school seniors a venue to gain hand-on experience and explore the possibilities of pursuing archaeology as a career.



In conjunction with the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology, the PAR provides educational opportunities for the public including site visits, exhibits, lectures, and publications.

The public is also invited to participate in field and laboratory projects, providing hands-on learning about archaeological research.

For more information, call or e-mail the PAR Director, Dr. Steve Ahler (859-257-1944).

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