Passport to the World: Celebrating Community with Cecilia Amador

The College of Arts and Sciences' Passport to the World program has taken students all over the world. This year it’s stopping by our neighbor to the south: Mexico.
One of the ambassadors of the program is English major and A&S Spanish Social Media Coordinator Cecilia Amador. We sat down with Amador to discuss events that the program has been hosting around campus and the broader Lexington community celebrating different facets of Mexican culture and identity. 
If you would like more information about the Passport to the World program or to see photos from previous events, please visit

This podcast was produced by Patrick O'Dowd.

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UK Libraries Makes Several Stops in Mexico for Passport to the World Program

University of Kentucky Libraries is adding another stamp to its passport in support of exhibitions and programs in celebration of ¡Viva Mexico!

A&S Offers Mid-Semester Classes

For students who may have recently dropped a class or hope to pick up some extra credit hours, these courses provide flexibility after the regular registration period.

A&S Kicks Off ¡Viva Mexico! Today

"¡Viva México!" will be a year-long celebration of art, culture and history of Mexico and what makes it unique.

A&S 100 - Special Course: Viva Mexico! A Century of War & Peace

A short course offered this Spring 2014 Semester.

Although it has a population of 112 million people and shares a two thousand mile border with the United States, most people know very little about Mexico. In order to better our comprehension of this southern neighbor, this course traces Mexican history over the last century. Two wars circumscribe our period of study. We begin with the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the first social revolution of the twentieth century and the first revolution to be caught on film. We explore the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of that revolution in order to understand its long-term impact. We conclude with the ongoing drug war, which has already taken the lives of 70,000 Mexicans. In order to understand the issues of war and peace in contemporary Mexico, we will establish a dialogue between the past and the present. Mexico has a rich and diverse culture. Therefore, we will also study cultural politics: gender relations and the changing role of women, the great diversity of indigenous Mexicans and their conditions, student politics and educational policies, and trends in music, art, and literature.

Curso corto para el semestre de Spring 2014.

Aunque tiene una población de 112 millones de personas y comparte una frontera de 2,000 milllas con Estados Unidos, es poco lo que la gente sabe de México. Este curso repasará la historia Mexicana del último siglo, en el cual hay dos guerras que marcaron al país y lo llevaron a ser el país que México es hoy en día. El curso comenzará con la Revuloción Mexicana de 1910 ya que eta fue la primera revolución social del Siglo XX  la primera revolución que fue documentada en video. Se estudiarán aspectos tanto políticos, económicos, sociales y culturales, ya que estos aspectos ayudan a entender el impacto que la revolución tuvo. El curso terminará con un estudio y análisis de a guerra que México lucha hoy en día, la guerra de drogas. Esta guerra ha sido causa de 70.000 muertes Mexicanas. Para poder entender la dinámica de la guerra del pasado y la de hoy en día se abrirán mesas de diálogue en las cuales se discutiran temas de igualdad, indígenas, mujeres, políticas educacionales y el arte.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Whitehall Room 102
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Passport to the World: ¡Viva Mexico!

In recent years, the "Passport to the World" program has taken UK to South Africa, China, and Russia, and will celebrate its fourth year by focusing on MexicoProfessors Francie Chassen-Lopez (History) and Chris Pool (Anthropology) are teaming up to coordinate and plan this year’s activities. In this podcast, they talk about what makes Mexico unique and what sorts of events to look for in the coming year. 

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.


Durante los últimos  años, el programa “Passport to the World” a llevado a UK a países como Sur África, China y Rusia. Este año, “Passport to the World” nos llevará a México. Los profesores Francie Chassen-Lopez (History) y Chris Pool (Anthropology) unieron fuerzas para coordinar y planear las actividades de este ano. En este podcast, Chris y Francie nos cuentan sobre aspectos únicos de México, así como también nos familiarizan con el tipo de actividades que se realizarán durante el año.

Este podcast fue producido por Cheyenne Hohman.


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UK Libraries 'Reimagine Russia's Realms' in Lecture, Exhibits

In celebration of University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences' year-long exploration into the culture and history of Russia, UK Libraries continues "Reimagining Russia's Realms" throughout the spring semester with new exhibits and programming: an audiology seminar and a display of rare postcards and posters from Soviet and pre-Soviet era Russia.

Voices from Shanghai: May 2012 Symposium

At the end of May 2012, a delegation of faculty from the University of Kentucky went to Shanghai University to promote the American Studies Center, a partnership between UK and SHU. Michelle Sizemore facilitated a group discussion between UK and SHU students about cultural difference, identity, and storytelling across cultures. Four faculty members, Mary Anglin, Frank X Walker, Ron Pen, and Arturo Sandoval presented lectures on Appalachian culture, identity, history, and art. At the end of the three-day event, Cheyenne Hohman got a chance to interview students from Shanghai University about the event. Students reflected on what they learned, what the symposium meant to them, and shared thoughts on ways that the University of Kentucky and Shanghai University could continue to foster meaningful exchange between academic communities. 

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman. Music in this podcast is a live recording of "Horse Race," performed on erhu by Can Xu and Jie Sun, music students at Shanghai University.

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