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Allison Harnish


Ph.D. Anthropology: University of Kentucky (in process)

M.A. Anthropology: University of Kentucky (2009)
B.A. Anthropology, Sociology, Criminology: Western Kentucky University (2006)


I am a Cultural Anthropologist studying under Dr. Lisa Cliggett. My research integrates elements of economic, ecological, and feminist anthropology in order to engage contemporary debates on development and environmental change. Working in a frontier farming region outside one of Africa’s largest national parks, I investigate how gender- and age-based differences in household labor roles prompt men, women, boys, and girls to differently experience declines in natural resources.



Livelihoods; Household Political Economy; Political Ecology; Natural Resource Management; Anthropology of Youth; Migration; Land Use/Land Cover Change; Geographic Information Science (GISc); Feminist Critiques of Gender, Development, and Environment; Sub-Saharan Africa