David Pollack

  • Director, Kentucky Archaeological Survey
  • Anthropology
1020A Export Street
(859) 323-9863

Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Kentucky 1998 Dissertation Title: Intraregional and Intersocietal Relationships of the Late Mississippian Caborn-Welborn Phase of the Lower Ohio River Valley.
M. A. in Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 1982 Thesis Title: Predicting Archaeological Site Location in the Western Coalfield of Kentucky: A Proposed Research Strategy.
B. A. in Anthropology, Beloit College, 1977.

Selected Publications: 

Pollack, Daivd, and Eric J. Schlarb
2013 The Adena Mortuary Landscape:  Off-Mound Rituals and Burial Mounds.  In Early and Middle Woodland Landscapes of the Southeast, edited by Alice P. Wright and Edward R. Henry. 
University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Pollack, David, and Eric J. Schlarb
2009 Archaeological Investigations of the Early and Late Fort Ancient Howard Site (15MA427), Madison County, Kentucky.  Report No. 151. Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Lexington.

Pollack, David
2008 Mississippi Period.  In The Archaeology of Kentucky:  An Update, edited by David Pollack, pp. 605-738.  State Historic Preservation Comprehensive Plan Report No. 3.  Kentucky Heritage Council, Frankfort.

Pollack, David, A. Gwynn Henderson, and Martin. Raymer
2008 Regional Variation in Kentucky Fort Ancient Shell Temper Adoption.  Southeastern Archaeology 27(2):206-220.

Pollack, David
2006 Late Mississippian Caborn-Welborn  Social and Political Relationships.  In  Leadership and Polity in Mississippian Society, edited by Brian Butter and Paul Welch, pp. 309-327.  Occasional Paper No. 33.  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.

Pollack, David
2004 Caborn-Welborn: Constructing a New Society After the Angel Chiefdom Collapse. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa.

Pollack, David, A. Gwynn Henderson, and Christopher T. Begley
2002  Fort Ancient/Mississippian Interaction on the Mississippian World’s Northern Periphery.  Southeastern Archaeology 21(2):206-220.

Lowthert, William, and Carl R. Shields
1998 Mississippian Adaptations along the Barren River in South Central Kentucky.  Research Report No. 1.  Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Lexington.

Pollack, David, Cheryl Ann Munson and A. Gwynn. Henderson
1996 Slack Farm and the Caborn-Welborn People.  Education Series No. 1, Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Lexington.

Sharp, William E. and David Pollack
1992 The Florence Site Complex: Two Fourteenth Century Fort Ancient Communities in Harrison County, Kentucky.  In Current Archaeological Research in Kentucky: Volume Two, edited by D. Pollack and A. G. Henderson, pp. 187-222.   Kentucky Heritage Council, Frankfort.

Pollack, David and A. Gwynn Henderson
1992 Toward A Model of Fort Ancient Society.  In Fort Ancient Cultural Dynamics in the Middle Ohio Valley, edited by A. Gwynn Henderson, pp. 281-294.  Monographs in World Archaeology No. 8.  Prehistory Press, Madison, Wisconsin.

Pollack, David and Jimmy A. Railey
1987 Chambers (15ML109):  An Upland Mississippian Village in Western Kentucky.  Kentucky Heritage Council, Frankfort. 


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