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Department of Anthropology 2022-2023 Student Awards

Degrees with Department Honors
2022-23 Bachelor’s Degrees with Departmental Honors Awarded. [Pictured Left to right: Chair, Dr. S. Hutson, B. Athie Teruel, C. Gray, D. Record, and J. White]


Congratulations to the following Anthropology students!


Donald P. Cliggett Ph.D. International Travel Research Fund

Emmanuel Asante, Ph.D. candidate

Stephen Fox, Ph.D. candidate    

Established in 2018 by Professor Lisa Cliggett in memory of her father, Dr. Donald P. Cliggett, this fund supports travel and other costs associated with field research for Anthropology undergraduate or graduate students to Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Margaret Lantis Award for Excellence in Original Research by a Graduate Student

Michelle Roberts, Ph.D. candidate

Larry Gray, Ph.D. candidate

The Lantis Award recognizes accomplishment for original research. Students are nominated for this award by a member of the faculty based on a published article or report, a paper presented at a professional meeting, or a paper of publishable quality submitted for a class by the student.


Robert M. Odear ’28, ’30 Faculty Research Fund in Latin America

Daniel Benitez, Ph.D. candidate

Tera Stocking, Ph.D. candidate

The Odear Award supports graduate students conducting preliminary dissertation research, dissertation research, or M.A. research in Latin America.

Susan Abbott-Jamieson Dissertation Research Fund Award

Emmanuel Asante, Ph.D. candidate

Stephen Fox, Ph.D. candidate

Ana Hutterli, Ph.D. candidate


In 2001, a generous gift from UK alumna Ashley Judd was used to create and endow the Susan Abbott-Jamieson award. Named for anthropology Professor Emerita Abbott-Jamieson, who taught Judd in cultural anthropology classes, the fund provides dissertation research grants to doctoral students.


William Y. Adams Award for Excellnce in Teaching by a Graduate Student

Goeun Lee, Ph.D. candidate

Alisha Mays,
Ph.D. candidate

Aklilu Habtu Reda,
Ph.D. candidate 

Tera Stocking,
Ph.D. candidate

The William Y. Adams Award recognizes exceptional teaching, and a graduate student may be recognized by a faculty member or any person familiar with the graduate student's teaching effectiveness.

Distinguished Undergraduate Awards

Bruno Athei Teruel  (Research)

Cierra Ledford (Research)

Dorian Record (Research)

Dorian Record (Service)

Mack Thompson (Service)

Jack White (Service)           

Christopher Gray (Scholarly Activity)

Jasmine Howard (Scholarly Activity)

Jaycee Castro (Scholarly Activity)

These awards are funded through the generous donations to the Anthropology Legacy Endowment Fund, established in 2015 by William F. Schweri (B.A.’69, M.A.’78). These awards supports Anthropology students through travel to academic conferences, study abroad, internships, and research opportunities. 

Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Service Award

Marcus Rodriguez, M.A.

Anastasia Hutterli, Ph.D. candidate