Chair's Message

Welcome website visitor! Anthropology is the comparative, holistic study of humankind in all places and times. The Department of Anthropology at UK offers graduate and undergraduate training in three subdisciplines of anthropology: archaeology, cultural, and biological. With a strong reputation for research speaking to core debates in academic, policy, and private spheres, we train students to become professional anthropologists who can engage in both academic and non-academic settings, with strong foundations in theoretical and substantive areas.

The Department of Anthropology is proud of its heritage and excited about its future. Founded in 1926, the department was the first anthropology department in the southeast and among the earliest established in the United States. Today the department has 20 faculty with areas of expertise that include applied anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural heritage, development anthropology, ecological anthropology, economic anthropology, and medical anthropology. We welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. Crystal Felima, a disaster studies researcher who has conducted extensive fieldwork in Haiti. The international scope of the faculty research extends to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central America, Mexico, South Asia, and the United States. Another 17 affiliated or adjunct faculty work in a variety of programs and colleges around campus.

This brief summary can only hint at the rich opportunities for study and the exciting research we are conducting in anthropology at UK. I invite you to look through our web site pages and learn more about our department, our programs, our faculty, and our students.

Thanks for visiting!

Scott Hutson, Chair