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Intro To Bio Anth

This course explores the ways in which biology, the environment and culture come together to form the human condition. Topics include human genetics, human evolution, primate behavior, contemporary human variation and applied biological anthropology, including forensics, child growth and human nutrition. This course includes a laboratory component.


Archaelogy: Mysteries & Controversies

Scientific archaeology has a problem: fringe ideas about mysteries of the past attract more interest than scholarly accounts of these same mysteries. In discussing the ?mysterious? side of archaeology, this course asks why consideration of the past invites some of the most bizarre speculations about human life. Why do fringe theories about lost civilizations, intergalactic interactions, and mysterious technologies gain more popularity than mainstream theories? Why should serious archaeologists and students pay any attention to such ?wacko? ideas?


Global Health: Culture, Pathologies

What are the relationships between globalization, development, social justice and health? How do different global health interventions influence how people provide and seek out solutions to chronic and emergency health problems? This course explores contemporary global health issues from an anthropological perspective. Participants examine health effects of economic collapse, disasters and socio-political changes in industrialized and developing countries.


Oaxacan Summer with SURCO

SURCO is a non-profit grassroots organization combining consulting, academic programs and local activism. Classes and discussion within SURCO focus on political ecology, political economy, land tenure, indigenous struggles, militarism, environmental challenges, and much more. Each field trip compliments a topic or topics discussed in lectures. 

OPSVAW Announces 2016/2017 Graduate Student Support

The Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women (OPSVAW) in the College of Arts and Sciences announces that it will support three graduate and professional students during the 2016/2017 Academic Year. Student support is one of the top priorities of the OPSVAW, and the 2016/2017 academic year will see the OPSVAW fund two research assistantships and one graduate fellowship.


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