Office of State Archaeology


Welcome to the Office of State Archaeology (OSA)

The Office of State Archaeology (OSA) is a research unit of the Department of Anthropology. Located in the Department’s archaeological research facility at 1020A Export Street in Lexington, Kentucky, OSA is responsible for maintaining official archaeological site records for the Commonwealth and issuing permits to qualified individuals for archaeological excavations or the collection of artifacts on land owned or leased by the Commonwealth or any political subdivision or municipal corporation of the Commonwealth.

Please follow the links below for more information on reporting sites, obtaining permits, or requesting archaeological information:

To report an archaeological site – Site forms and instructions.

To apply for an excavation or collecting permit on Commonwealth lands – Required of all archaeological work on state, county, or municipal lands and all publically or privately owned caves.

To request information on previously recorded archaeological sites and project areas – Preliminary Records Review and Project Registration Site Checks are generally completed as part of the process of complying with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and coordinating with relevant agencies, including the Kentucky State Historic Preservation Officer.

Helpful Information and Links – A summary of Kentucky state laws affecting preservation and management of archaeological resources and links to other state agencies or information relevant to archaeology.

Staff and Contact Information – To contact a staff member or schedule a visit to the OSA site files and report library.

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