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Past Ph.D. Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations (1972-2007)

“If you look in anthropology, the diversity of kinds of texts that have been persuasive militates against any simple conclusion.”

- Clifford Geertz

Year Name Dissertation Title Chair
2007 Arnn, John W. Transformation and persistence of indigenous cultural identity during the Early Colonial and Late Prehistoric periods in Texas Dillehay & Pool
2007 Cairo, Aminata Hebi Sani: Mental well being among the working class Afro-Surinamese in Paramaribo, Suriname Crooks
2007 Owczarzak, Jill Mapping HIV prevention in Poland: Contested citizenship and the struggles for health after socialism Anglin
2007 Debsu, Dejene Surviving the state: Resource tenure and conflict dynamics among the Guji-Oromo of southern Ethiopia Little
2006 Randall, Theo Maleria etiology, prevention, and treatment in the Gambia Anglin
2006 Thompson, Victor Questioning complexity: The prehistoric hunter-gatherers of Sapelo Island, Georgia Jefferies
2006 White, James M. Landuse patterning of early foragers in the northeastern desert of Mexico: Interpretation and archaeological visibility Dillehay
2006 Wies, Jennifer The changing relationships of women helping women: Patterns and trends in domestic violence advocacy van Willigen
2005 Kenny, Erin "A log in water never becomes a crocodile": Practices of return migration and intergenerational gifting in West Africa Udvardy & Little
2005 Pavey, Stephen Envisioning/embodying Christianity in Hong Kong: Theologies of power and crisis van Willigen
2005 Peters, Jane The political economy of epilepsy in rural Kentucky van Willigen
2005 White, Jill The figured worlds of Mexican teens in Kentucky: Identity and educational decision making Crooks
2004 Drew, Elaine "Just get rid of it." The cultural politics of hysterectomy in a rural Appalachian county van Willigen
2004 Kannapel, Patricia Parent involvement in school-based decision-making: The struggle for a voice van Willigen
2004 Reeves, Cynthia High standards for all students?: The Kentucky Education Reform Act and immigrant high school students Goldstein & van Willigen
2003 Gonzalez-Clements, Emilia "Puras promesas": Local perceptions of development in a northern Mexican mestizo ex-ejido van Willigen
2003 Iriarte, José Mid-Holocene emergent complexity and landscape transformation: The social construction of early formative communities in Uruguay, La Plata Basin Dillehay
2003 Mahmoud, Hussein The dynamics of cattle trading in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia: The role of trust and social relations in market networks Little
2003 Smith, Clifford The Manilla Wreck: Bermuda’s role in the Atlantic slave-smuggling trade Jefferies
2002 Blakeney, Anne Power, politics, and reproduction: "Teenage" motherhood in a rural Appalachian county Anglin
2002 Williams, Elizabeth "If I can help somebody, then my living will not be in vain": Spirituality, aid, and action in the African American breast cancer survivorship experience van Willigen
2001 Beams, Daniel Ideology, agency, and production in an Andean peasant community: The collective struggle for self-sufficiency Little
2000 McDonald, Juliana Getting older and farming: An ethnographic study of farmers in the southern coastal plain of North Carolina van Willigen
2000 Miewald, Christiana Women's work? Caring, kinship and community in Appalachian Kentucky Anglin
1999 Cellarius, Barbara Global priority, local reality: Rural communities and biodiversity conservation in Bulgaria Little
1999 Hasemann, George Regional settlement history on the lower Sulaco River, west central Honduras: Rural settlement theory and ancient settlement pattern in the Honduran highlands Hirth
1999 Martin, Angela Transnationalism and the embodiment of identity in late twentieth-century Ireland Abbott-Jamieson & Udvardy
1999 Rao, Pamela "Marriage happens, children are born": Maternal concepts of child rearing in south India van Willigen
1998 Heath, Robin Humor following cerebrovascular accident Blonder & van Willigen
1998 Henderson, Gwynn Middle Fort Ancient villages and organizational complexity in central Kentucky Dillehay
1998 Pollack, David Intraregional and intersocietal relationships of the late Mississippian Caborn-Welborn phase of the lower Ohio River Valley Dillehay
1997 Kedia, Satish Impacts of involuntary resettlement on ethnomedical systems: A case study from North India van Willigen
1997 Lucas, Kimberley Risky business: Agricultural diversification and social relations in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania Little
1997 Suminguit, Vel Indigenous knowledge systems of agroforestry and the restoration of a despoiled environment: A case study in northwestern Mindanao, Philippines van Willigen
1996 Morin, Stephen Common property and exchange in a natural resource management system: A case study from northern Sumatra van Willigen
1996 Stansbury, James Culture and caretaking: Maternal belief, child care practice and growth status in highland Ecuador K. DeWalt
1995 Hamilton, Sarah The two-headed household: Gender and agricultural development in an Andean setting (Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador) B. DeWalt
1995 Kryst, Sandra Engendering pain: Discourse on the experience of chronic headache in the United States Abbott-Jamieson
1995 Roos, Gun Cultural Analysis of Children, Food and Gender in the United States Quandt
1994 Bidegaray, Pedro The reproduction of the peasant household unit: A study on the persistence of traditional forms of exchange in a rural community of the Ecuadorian highlands B. DeWalt
1994 Rhoads, Russell Farm, family, and the new rurality among vegetable farmers of the Venezuelan Andes B. DeWalt
1994 Rosenbaum, Marcy Cultural analysis of women, breast cancer surgery and the meaning of breasts Abbott-Jamieson & Wilson
1994 Russell, Michael Cultural reproduction in Egypt's private university Abbott-Jamieson
1993 Allen, Andrea Dos gatazos: Indigenous organization and political strategy in two Andean communities B. DeWalt
1993 Parrish, Anne The changing food and agricultural systems of an Egyptian oasis village B. DeWalt
1992 Van Schaik, Eileen Work, gender, and culture in the Jamaican community health aide programme Abbott-Jamieson & K. DeWalt
1991 Cunningham, Kiran Residence and gender relations in a Mende village Abbott
1991 Rossen, Jack Ecotones and low-risk intensification: The Middle Preceramic habitation of Nanchoc, northern Peru Dillehay
1990 Horwitz, Victoria Maritime settlement patterns in southeastern Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) Dillehay
1990 Zilverberg, Grace The socio-economics of trust: The moral dimension of marketing fruits and vegetables B. DeWalt
1989 Morris, Beverly Leaving the goods life: Elderly women and their cherished personal possessions K. DeWalt & Bacdayan
1988 Smith, Virginia The iconography of power at Xochicalco, Morelos Hirth
1988 Turner, Candice A cultural model of chronic pain adaptation Abbott & van Willigen
1987 Adelski, Elizabeth Ejidal agriculture in northern Sinaloa, Mexico: Agricultural resources, production and household well-being B. DeWalt
1987 Nazarea-Sandoval, Virginia Philippine rural cultivators in transition: Operational reality and cognized models in agricultural decision-making Abbott
1986 Boisvert, Richard Late Archaic settlement models in the Middle Ohio Valley: A perspective from Big Bone Lick, Kentucky Dillehay
1986 Brooks, Robert Catchment analysis revisited: A critique and application of a test case Dillehay
1986 Stonich, Susan Development and destruction: Interrelated ecological, socioeconomic, and nutritional change in Southern Honduras B. DeWalt & Dillehay
1985 Rylko-Bauer, Barbara The role of freestanding emergency centers in the delivery of health care: Perspectives on change in American medicine J. Van Willigan & B. R. DeWalt
1984 Driskell, Boyce An integrated method for functional analysis of chipped stone assemblages and its application in plowzone archaeology Adams
1984 Luckenbach, Alvin Evaluating archaeological models of spatial regression and exchange systems: A distributional analysis of coinage (ca. 600-300 B.C.) Adams
1983 Arcury, Thomas Household structure and economic change in a rural community: 1900 to 1980 (Kentucky) van Willigen
1982 Marshall, Patricia Rural and urban factors in alcohol use in Appalachian setting Pearsall
1982 Sovine, Melanie The mysterious Melungeons: A critique of the mythical image Abbott
1981 Reeves, Edward The Wali Complex at Tanta, Egypt: An ethnographic approach to popular Islam Adams
1980 Rosenstiel, C. Ronald That fast life: An emic ethnography of the black heroin addict hustler Pearsall
1980 Turner, Allen Housing, water, and health care: The anthropology of planning in a Southern Paiute community Bacdayan & van Willigen
1979 Choi, Hyup An evaluation of the introduction of an agricultural innovation in Kentucky: A case study of no-tillage farming in Christian County van Willigen
1978 Bryant, Carol The impact of kin, friend and neighbor networks on infantile obesity Gallaher
1978 Howell, Benita Native American trickster mythology from the Northwest Coast: A computer-aided comparison of content Drucker
1978 Kuehne, Herbert An ethnological study of metaphorical differences in the ideologies of charismatic and non-charismatic Roman Catholics van Willigen
1978 Rymph, David Achievement motivation, innovation, and entrepreneurship in an isthmus Zapotec village, Oaxaca, Mexico Drucker
1978 Taib, Abdullah Bin Malay students on an American campus: A study of social interaction, ethnicity and Islamic ideology Bacdayan & van Willigen
1977 Oke, Ezekiel Sociomedical investigation of sickle cell anemia: Screening and coping Gallaher
1975 Borsay, Maria Subcultural conflicts in the Cincinnati Free Clinic: An analysis of the sources of role strain and mechanisms used by physician volunteers to reduce it Pearsall
1974 Clark, Jerry Shawnee Indian migration: A system analysis Duffield
1974 Lowenberg, Carla Identification and fulfillment of needs of the elderly on Skye, Scotland: A social network analysis Colson & Pearsall
1972 Stoffle, Richard Industrial employment and inter-spouse conflict: Barbados, West Indies Gallaher

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