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Celise Chilcote-Fricker


2018 Ph.D. Biological Anthropology  University of California, Berkeley

2010 MA    Biological Anthropology  Trent University

2003 BA     Cultural Anthropology     University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests

I am a bioarchaeologist who specializes in the examination of skeletal markers of bone growth and maintenance, and activity-related stress.  I am especially interested in how the human body represents a contextually dependent materiality that can illuminate information about the connection between an individual, the different stages of their life and identity, and reveal how they were situated within the context of the larger society in which they existed.  My research interests focus on the embodiment of social processes via skeletal plasticity, activity patterns and the interplay between lifecourse and social identities.  Additionally, I am the NAGPRA Coordinator heading up the repatriation effort at the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology here at UK.