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Kyle E. Mullen


MA, Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 2013

BA, Anthropology, University of Illinois-Urbana, 2007


I am a PhD Student studying Mesoamerican archaeology with Dr. Chris Pool.  I recently completed my dissertation fieldwork in Mesoamerican archaeology, spending the past two summers conducting research to better understand human adaptations to the environment in the ancient civilizations of Veracruz, Mexico.  I am interested in human-environment adaptations in the past and how they relate to issues of sustainability today.  Specific areas of focus include the archaeology of settlement patterns, political economies, and the evolution of complex societies in ancient Mesoamerica.

Selected Publications:

Mullen, Kyle E.

2013     Late Archaic to Early Woodland Lithic Technology at the Knob Creek Site (12HR484), Harrison County, Indiana. Unpublished MA Thesis.