Katie Alexander

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  • Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
  • Anthropology
Research Interests:

PhD (in progress), University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
Dissertation topic: Archaeobotanical analysis of Middle and Late Archaic sites in the Middle Ohio Valley. Advisor: George Crothers

MA, Anthropology, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Thesis: A typological and technological analysis of stone artifacts from the Magubike archaeological site, Iringa Region, southern Tanzania. Supervisor: Pamela Willoughby

BA, Anthropology cum laude, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)

Conference Participation
Alexander, K. and A.M. Casserly. 2018. Toward a Paleopharmacology of the Kentucky Archaic. Paper presented at the 75th Annual Southeastern Agricultural Conference (Augusta, GA).

Alexander, K. 2018. Beyond Woman-the-Gatherer: Engendered Narratives of Agricultural Origins. Paper presented at the 2nd Annual Kentucky Gender and Women’s Studies Conference (Lexington, KY).

Hummel, R.,  K. Alexander, and G. Crothers. 2018. Initial Timing and Spread of Domesticated Eastern Agricultural Complex Plants. Poster presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting for the Society of American Archaeology (Washington, D.C.).

Stevens, K., K. Alexander, and A. Metz.2018.  New Approaches to Old Questions: Current Research Objectives for the Green River Valley Shell Midden Archaic, Kentucky, USA. Paper presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting for the Society of American Archaeology (Washington, D.C.).

Alexander,K., R. Bonzani, and J. Endonino. 2018. Analysis of Botanical Remains from Grizzly Newt Rockshelter, Eastern Kentucky. Paper presented at the Kentucky Heritage Council Archaeology Conference (Gilbertville, KY).

Alexander, K. and R. Bonzani. 2018. Diachronic Trends in Mast Exploitation and Implications for Incipient Horticulture at Cloudsplitter, Kentucky, USA. Poster presented at the 3rd Annual Integrated Microscopy Approaches to Archaeobotany workshop, University of Reading (Reading, England).

Stevens, K., J. Carlson, M.D. Parker, K. Alexander, and A. Metz. 2017. Finding a Space/Place for Archaeology in Political Ecology. Workshop presented at the Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference (Lexington, KY).

Alexander, K. 2010.  Lithic Assemblages from Magubike, Iringa Region, Tanzania.Paper presented at the 18th Annual Richard Frucht Student Conference (Edmonton, AB).

Alexander, K. 2009. Middle Stone Age Lithic Assemblages at Magubike, Iringa Region,Tanzania. Paper presented at the East African Association for Paleontology and Paleoanthropology meeting (Arusha, Tanzania).
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