Mary Beth Schmid

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B.A. Anthropology and Spanish, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2005-2008)


I am a PhD candidate studying cultural anthropology working under Dr. Ann E. Kingsolver (advisor) and Dr. Carmen Martinez Novo (co-chair). I use a combined interpretive and political economic approach to study the intersections of migration, kinship, agricultural livelihoods and globalization. For my doctoral project, I am working with a binational Mexican-American family group with members who engage in agricultural enterprises in both the foothills of southern Appalachia and the foothills of the Bajio in west-central Mexico. At this point, my research interests cover: transnational processes, kinship, modernity, identity, gender, rurality, globalization, food systems, cultural politics of migration, agrarian change, and temporality.   


Graduate Training

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Kentucky (2011-)

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