Veronica Miranda

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  • PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Kentucky
  • Anthropology
Research Interests:
Ph.D. Medical Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 2017
Gender and Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate, University of Kentucky, 2017
M.A. Applied Anthropology, San Diego State University, 2009
M.Ed. Education, Chaminade University, 2005
B.A. Anthropology, Humboldt State University, 2002

I am a doctoral candidate in medical anthropology (avisor Dr. Mary Anglin). My doctoral research, which was supported by a Fulbright fellowship, focuses on the ways rural Yucatec Maya women, midwives and state health care workers participate in the production of childbirth and maternal health care practices. It further addresses how state health programs influence the relationships and interactions between these groups.  This ethnographic research interrogates changing childbirth practices in a rural indigenous community in Quintana Roo, MX to gain a deeper understanding of the complex politics that shape local understandings and approaches to childbirth. It further explores how shifting social relations and political alliances are created within the context of reproductive health. 


Selected Publications: 
Miranda, Veronica (2015) Lingering Discourses of Yucatan’s Past: Political Ecologies of Birth in Rural Yucatan. In The Maya of the Cochua Region: Archaeological and Ethnographic Perspectives on the Northern Lowlands. Justine Shaw ed. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. Pg 235-256.
Lauren Hunter, Jill Bormann, Wendy Belding, Elisa J. Sobo, Linnea Axman, Brenda K. Reseter, and Suzanne M. Hanson, and Veronica Miranda (2011) Satisfaction and Use of a Spiritually Based Mantram Intervention for Childbirth-related Fears in Couples. Applied Nursing Research 24: 138-146
Dowling, Kathryn C., Veronica Miranda, and Vanessa E. Galaviz (2008) Improved Participation for Blood Lead Screening with In-Home Phlebotomy. The Journal of Primary Prevention 29(4): 323-330
2016 Rumors, Threats, and C-sections in Rural Yucatan. Anthropology News. February.
2015 When Breastmilk Isn’t Enough. Council on Anthropology and Reproduction Newsletter 22(1):4-6.
2013 Oportunidades: Co-responsibility and the Politics of Health Care in MexicoAnthropologies: A Collaborative Online Project. Issue 17.             
2012 Motherhood and Internal Migration in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Anthropologies: A Collaborative Online Project. Issue 13.         
Papers Presented
(2017) Midwifery, Autonomy, and Indigeneity at the Margins of the Mexican State. Dimensions of Political Ecology: Conference on Nature/Society. Lexington, Kentucky. February 23-25.
(2017) Strategies for Action and Solidarity on Our Campuses Amid Contexts of State-Sanctioned Violence, Repression, & Hatred: A Conversation. Dimensions of Political Ecology: Conference on Nature/Society. Lexington, Kentucky. February 23-25. (roundtable participant)
(2013) Mexico’s Global Development Model for Maternal Health: International Health Policy in a Rural Yucatec Maya Community. The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology Spring Meeting. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. March 20-22.
(2011) Lingering Discourses from Yucatan’s Past: The Politics of Childbirth in the Southern Interior. The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology Conference for Emerging Scholars. Piste, Yucatan, Mexico. July 13-15.
(2011) Political Ecologies of Birth in Rural Yucatan: History, Place and Childbirth. Dimensions of Political Ecology: Conference on Nature/Society. Lexington, Kentucky. February 18-19.
(2010) The Biomedical Safety Net: Negotiations between Midwifery and Biomedicine in Rural Yucatán. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. Merida, Mexico. March 24-27.
(2008) Motherhood and Internal Migration in Quintana Roo. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, California. November 19-23.
(2008) Birth, Tradition, and Biomedicine: Yucatec Maya Women Negotiating Maternal Healthcare. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. Memphis, Tennessee. March 25-29.
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