Zada Komara

  • Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
  • Research Assistant UK Appalachian Center
  • Administrator Coal Camp Documentary Project
  • Anthropology
Appalachian Center Annex

B.A. Anthropology, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; MA in Anthropology, University of Kentucky; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Kentucky


About me:

My focus is Central and Southern Appalachian historical archaeology under Drs. Dick Jefferies and Kim McBride.  My dissertation work focuses on early 20th century company coal towns, and explores the entanglement of material culture (the everyday goods that populate our lives) with persistent stereotypes and narratives about the Appalachian region. 

I also administer the UK Appalachian Center's Coal Camp Documentary Project, a collaborative documentation effort focusing on company coal towns in Kentucky's 54 Appalachian counties.

I own three original series Star Trek uniforms and wear them regularly, and enjoy developing cheesecake recipes.

Selected Publications: 

Komara, Zada  (2015)  Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Mattoxtown Cell Tower, Fayette County, Kentucky.  Appalachian Archaeology, LLC.  Report on file at the Kentucky Heritage Council, Frankfort, Kentucky.


Komara, Zada and Shane Barton  (2014)  Materializing Appalachian Kentucky Coal Towns: Public Archaeology as Applied Anthropology in the Coal Camp Documentary Project.  Practicing Anthropology  36(4): 25-30.  

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