PhD Curriculum

Ph.D. in Anthropology

The PhD program in Anthropology (click for checklist and sample timeline) consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours, plus a minimum of two semesters of ANT 767. Students must fulfill any and all other requirements of the Graduate School. An entering PhD student should complete required coursework by the end of the second year, and successfully defend a dissertation proposal and successfully complete the qualifying exams as early as the fifth semester, but no later than the tenth semester, after admission to the program. Upon acceptance into the graduate program, a student will be assigned a graduate advisor who will review and approve all first year coursework, and in consultation with the DGS, evaluate requests for transfer of up to 9 credit hours of equivalent graduate-level coursework. Following the first year, all coursework will be approved by the student’s committee.

Requirements in the Ph.D. program consist of: (1) three required courses - History of Theory (ANT 610) and a theory and a methods course in the student’s designated sub-discipline, to be taken in the first year when available; (2) a course in Research Design (ANT 662), (3) an approved statistics course; (4) 7 courses (21 hours) of additional coursework, of which at least 1 course must be in an anthropological subdiscipline (archaeology, biological, cultural) other than the student’s designated sub-discipline. Demonstrated competence by the student in reading or speaking one or more languages may be required by the student's committee. Click here for the policy on ANT 749.

Graduate Courses

Graduate credit courses include all 600 and above level courses; additionally some 400G level courses and some 500 level courses, with approval from the student’s committee, may count towards the graduate degree in Anthropology. Please see the Registrar for a complete list of available graduate courses in anthropology. Enrolled graduate students at the University of Kentucky that sit out for one or more semesters will need to complete a new application and pay the application fee in order to be considered for readmission.  In many instances this requirement can be avoided by requesting a “leave of absence.