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Anthropology Alumni Directory

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Comparative US Latino and Whiteness Studies, Chicano Studies, activist anthropology, Training: United Farm Workers Intern Summer 2019
Environmental Anthropology, Coastal Landscapes, Political Ecology, Mexico, Baja California Sur, Cabo Pulmo, Marine Protected Areas, The California Coastline, Open Access Publishing
Anthropology M.A. Student
No photograph available for njas224
Anthropology USP Student
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
rural health, medical anthropology, maternal and child health, United States, Appalachia
Anthropology Ph.D.
medical anthropology, economic anthropology, incarceration, privatization and marketization, U.S. South, everyday life
Ph.D Anthropology (2019)
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
bioarchaeology, paleopathology, biocultural anthropology, Identities
Appalachian Studies, Community development, cultural production, counterstorytelling, Digital Humanities, ethnography, ecofeminism, filmmaking, Gender & Women's Studies, grassroots organizing and activism, Latin American Studies, media literacy, participatory action research, Political Ecology, popular education, sustainability, visual anthropology, youth studies
Anthropology Ph.D. Student
Africa, Activism, Youth, Tanzania, Organizations, Social Movements, Volunteering
Mesoamerican archaeology iconography/epigraphy landscape political economy craft production, Archaeology, Community development, cultural ecology, Livelihoods; Household Political Economy; Political Ecology; Natural Resource Management; Anthropology of Youth; Migration; Land Use/Land Cover Change; Global Information Science (GISc); Feminist Critiques of Gender, ethno-history, Latin America
859 777 2000
cultural anthropology, higher education in the US, Social Movements, critical race studies, diversity and equity, institutional ethnography
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
gender, Anthropology of Food, Applied Anthropology, Morocco, Diaspora, globalization, (Post)colonialism, reproductive labor, labor
(859) 257-2710
Anthropology M.A. Student
AGSA Secretary 2020-2021
Anthropology MA Student
Mental health; Sociologies of Health; Illness and Disability; Sex and Gender; Aging and the Life Course; Families, Discrimination, housing and the social relations of property and rent
Anthropology M.A. Student
No photograph available for ken222
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
Anthropology Ph.D. Student
medical anthropology, global health, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Zambia
Anthropology USP Student
indigenous knowledge organization, decolonization of archives, archaeological subject headings
102D Lafferty Hall
Teachers Assistant University of Kentucky
102G Lafferty Hall
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
Anthropology of the Middle East, Iraq, Kurdistan, the state, religious and secular identities, global fitness industry, Education
Research & Development - Hope Community Resources
Anthropology Instructor - Northern Kentucky University
nutritional anthropology, biocultural anthropology, medical anthropology, human adaptability theory, nutrition transition, rural health, Appalachia, Alaska Natives, indigeneity, aging, disabilities
No photograph available for rlhu226
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
No photograph available for djo239
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
102B Lafferty Hall
Anthropology Ph.D Student
Ancient Maya archaeology, households and communities, Community archaeology
Lecturer, Affiliate faculty member in Anthropology and Appalachian Studies, UK Lewis Honors College
Administrator, Coal Camp Documentary Project
Lewis Hall 126B
Ph.D Anthropology (2019)
Science & technology studies, Techno-social movements, Business anthropology, Cultures of expertise, Ethnographic method, Social Network Analysis
Ph.D., Anthropological Archaeology
Ancient Maya societies, households and communities, social inequality and integration, sociopolitics of archaeological practice, rurality, public and community archaeology
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate
Reproductive Health, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Infertility, Southern Africa
Anthropology of the State, 'Migration', identity, Diaspora, Conflict, Anthropology of the Middle East, South Caucasus, Refugees, Memory, Armenia, Syria, Applied Anthropology
anthropology of space and place, economic anthropology, Political Ecology, alternative agrifood movements, class
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